50th episode

To celebrate 50 regular episodes of Australian Jams, I've put together a suuuuper long episode featuring some of my favourite songs/chats from past episodes. Listen out for;

Gena Rose Bruce, Zac Abroms, Rya Park, Miks Everitt, Odette, Zoe A'dore, Wolfjay, HANDSOME, Georgia Cooke, Eaglemont, Angie McMahon, Feelds, Alexander Biggs, Sabrina Robertson, Milwaukee Banks, Bec Goring, Lloyd Perris, Becki Whitton & Cry Club.

Featuring Music from;

Hannah Blackburn, Camp Cope, Rya Park, Odette, Xavier Dunn, Montaigne, HANDSOME, King IV, Kira Puru, Angie McMahon, Kilns, RAT!Hammock, Alex Lahey, Milwaukee Banks, Chela, Banoffee, Pist Idiots, Seavera & Alice Ivy.

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Intro & outro music is 'Crash Pad' by Atalein